Weekend Directional Sign Placement for Builders and Real Estate Agents


For all our directional service we offer signs in 18″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″. We stay within the local municipality regulations for weekend directional sign placement.

During the duration of your contract with us we offer our clients a 10% discount on all non-electrical signage.

Multi-subdivision discount of 15% on additional signage for the neighborhoods.

Our Sub-Contractors place signs in a predetermined route every Friday evening and pick them up every Sunday night!

Silver Package

Purchase your signs from us up front at a discounted price with a flat rate per sign for placement.

There’s no yearly contract. ¬†With a month to month contract this program is perfect for two to six month short term placements for seasonal ads, school programs, and other weekend advertising needs.

Gold Package

We provide your signs as well as replacement for lost, damaged, or stolen signs when you’re on contract or automatic renewal. ¬†Because you’re purchasing labor and not the signs this package is sales tax free.

Note: Gold package only offered to builders and developers, for any exceptions please call!

Directional signs typically have your logo and an arrow pointing to your development. Here are some examples of how they may look.

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