Services We Offer

Builder-IconBuilder Services. In our line of work we often find ourselves working with various building companies. We offer many specialized signs to such customers, such as lot signs, development signs and more!
Sign-Shop-IconSign Shop Services - Do you work for a sign shop out of the area, and have a job to do in the St. Louis area?  Check out our services for other sign shops.
Directional-IconDirectional Services - if you need to lead your customers to your establishment or development then directional signs are a fantastic way to do it!  We'll create and maintain signs that will point the way and then on the weekends we'll place them and pick them up.  These are a great way for builders and real estate agents to get potential buyers to their new developments before they're on any maps.
Installation IconInstallation - We offer installation services for all of our signs for an additional cost.  Professional sign installers will transport your signage to your site and install it to your specifications.
Maintenance-IconMaintenance - If anything happens to your sign in the line of a duty, have no fear!  For a service charge our installers can modify, maintain, and repair any of your signage, whether you got it from us or another distributor.
Removal-ServiceRemoval - When your sign has fulfilled its purpose and passes on, don't let it clutter your business!  Our technicians can come out and remove your signage, gingerly taking your loved one to a better place.
Survey-IconSurveys - Whether you're not sure if a type of sign is right for your establishment or you just need to know what dimensions your signage should be, we can help.  We are regularly asked to survey locations to make sure a customer's idea will work right, check an establishments dimensions or verify signage's size.
Permitting-IconPermitting - Do you know how much signage your county allows on your store front?  Why bother learning your county's boring permitting laws when our staff will handle all your permitting needs, from survey to signature? We are familiar with the permitting laws in all of the county's that we service, and are eager to help save you the headache of working with your municipality.
Utility lines IconUtility Lines - Installation by our professional installers is scheduled only after DIG Rite is contacted and flagged for approval. You tell us where you want your signs, and we do the rest.
Exterior-Bulb-IconExterior Bulb Replacements - When one of your exterior bulbs goes out it can give off a dark and gloomy air.  Call us to replace it and brighten up the night!  A bright exterior helps to maintain a safe feeling, and a well lit work space can help cut down on accidents.